Top 5 Affordable Protein Rich Foods

Protein is a much needed nutrient that everybody needs, and that especially includes those who exercise. Protein is found throughout your entire body and is in every cell. It is used during energy creation, muscle repair, muscle growth, transportation of nutrients, and produces enzymes and hormones as well.All these functions of protein mean that you receive stamina, energy, less fatigue and soreness, and bigger muscles as well after training.

The problem is many people are not able to afford whey protein supplements and high in content protein foods, or so that think. The next five foods are cheap, affordable, and are the most important protein foods that bodybuilders even constantly eat. bodybuilders


Eggs are very rich in protein and also have minerals and B vitamins as well. They are a great energy food, and at a usually very low price for a dozen or eighteen egg carton. This can easily last you for about two weeks. A perfect way to easily chomp these eggs down is by turning them into hard boiled eggs. If you choose to cook them sunny side up or over easy make sure to not use a fattening butter, or even worse vegetable oil. They already have enough cholesterol in them so no need to stack on anymore than you have too. 

Canned Tuna and Sardines 

Tuna and sardines are top fish sources for protein content, and you can choose either one or both to eat. Many athletes choose tuna over sardines however because they do not smell as bad. A can of tuna or sardines can provide you with an easy 30 grams of protein per can, and some are 40 grams! Sardines and tuna are not only a good source of protein, but also have omega-3 fatty acids which are great for your body, and not to mention battle cholesterol. A great mix and match protein food with eggs. 


Yes beans are a protein rich food as well, but sadly many do not know that until they have to look for what foods to get with protein in them. If you are one of the many Then do not worry That is what These articles are for Because. Beans can give you up to 20 grams of protein per serving, and also can be purchased by the can as well. Baked beans are not very expensive and are easy to eat on top of a bread of toast. However, you will save a lot more money by just buying a bag of beans, and then cooking them with your own ingredients. They are also a good source of vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates as well. Try adding soy beans to your diet especially for their high protein content. 


 These little guys are the best snacking protein foods to eat, and can usually be found in bags that cost a very little amount of money. Almonds will give you up to 22 grams of protein per serving, and also have omega-3 fatty acids as well. On top of being high in protein, almonds also are an energy food as well from the large amounts of potassium and magnesium. These two nutrients are needed greatly by athletes and weight lifters. 


Milk is another good protein dieting food to add to your list, and a gallon of milk that lasts over a week is inexpensive. Purchase whole milk if you need the fat in your diet, but if not get low fat milk products. Milk also is a primary source of calcium which helps your bones, nervous system, and blood cells as well. It is recommended to at least drink 2-3 glasses of milk a day to receive its full benefits! 

Remember, when eating foods high in protein to mix them up and not always eat the same one every day. The main reason being because you are going to get sick of it really fast, and then not want to eat that food anymore. Some foods are bad if eaten too much as well, such as tuna because of mercury, or eggs because of cholesterols. Should you still eat them? Yes of course just mix them up during the week and you will be fine.